How to use logic and variables

Use logic to assign variable values in forms. Variables serve as placeholders for underlying computed data.

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Form variables serve as placeholders for hidden calculated values and data, connecting to specific columns and enabling their utilization as references in various dynamic components such as calculated value controls and rules.

You can use logic and variables for different forms. For example, in a product recommender quiz that has multiple products and weighted factors.

To transfer the value of a variable field to another field within the form, the answer piping feature proves effective

You can use Logic to add different values to your variables when different conditions happen as the user answers the quiz.

📝 Additional insights:

Find more examples of variable fields

-A donation form with a variable amount is one that uses the variable field to enter the payable amount of the donation.

-The online personality quiz compares the score of your variable fields with the logic and connects the related personality type to your responses.

-The BMI test with logic and calculation, is another form using variable fields to calculate the BMI value.

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