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How to Advanced Chart and Forms to your app?

Updated over a week ago

The Advanced Chart is one of the data blocks available in the formaloos.

To add a new page containing your data, open your app by clicking the formaloo. Then, edit your app, click the + Add Page option on your menu, and select Block.

Here, first, insert the title of the page. For example, set it as "new page".

Next, you should select a formaloo. This is the formaloo which you want to display its data.

Then choose the Show Form option.

Next, you can select only to show some specific fields in your chosen formaloo or show all available fields. If you aren't sure, select All fields of form. Then you can edit the page and choose only the fields you want.

When you select only to show specific fields of your form, it will not show the submit button of the form. You can use this opportunity to show some informational data on the first page of your app.

That's it! Click save, and the table view of your selected formaloo will show up on a new page on your menu.

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