App settings
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App settings pop-up helps you change the basics of your app. To open the app settings, open your app and select the App Settings option from the app's left sidebar.

Here's a list of the settings you can change on this pop-up:

  • Enable public view: This option lets you make your app public. When you enable this option, the app's public URL will get live, and you can share it with your audience.

  • App custom domain: This option is only available for public apps. You can set up a CNAME for your app to white-label your app's URL. Learn more about setting up a custom domain for your app.

  • Enable portal mode: This option lets you enable secure login and sign-up functionalities on your portal. Learn more about the portals on their relevant collection in the help docs.

  • Convert app to a template: This option adds a Copy template button on your app. This helps you build templates and share them with your audience to edit on their dashboard. You can even monetize your templates and earn money while adding value to the community!

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