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Discover answers to frequently asked questions about creating forms in Formaloo.

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How to fit an image in any screen size?Adjust the image width to 100% of the screen size with a few clicks.
Most requested form custom CSS stylesCustomize appearance: Adjust font size, color, layout, button visibility. Remove whitespace, align options, modify field sizes, and spacing.
Is there a way to hide submit button based on form answers?Hide the submit button: Use the multi-step form, add a mid-form section, and set logic to prevent early submission.
What photo dimensions work best on the forms?Best form cover photo dimensions: 16:9 ratio for perfect fit.
How to recover deleted formRecover deleted form: send an email for assistance.
What is the requirement for the size of the background image and the ratioFor best performance use background images sized 1920x1080 and keep file size under 800 KB.
How many characters limit does the short text field haveShort text field limit: Default 255 characters; adjustable in the editor.
How much is my storage limitStorage limit: Refer to pricing, which varies by plan under Secure Cloud Storage.
How much storage do I have leftTrack storage usage via progress bar on profile after file collection begins.
How to use Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager in my formsIntegrate Google Analytics & Tag Manager by pasting their code into Formaloo's "Custom JS" box. Optimize your forms for better results.
Difference between the default success page and the success page fieldEach form has a default success message, but you can create custom ones. Use logic to display the right message based on user responses.
Where can I view the settings of mobile view of my form?View mobile-view settings: Right-click the form, and choose inspect. Options appear on the left and top of the page.
How to create a form with one question per pageCreate one question per page: In the Design tab, change the form type to "One question at a time".
How to add pixels to my form?Add pixels: In the settings tab, go to "Custom JS". Paste tracker code (Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, etc.) there.
How to restore your deleted form/appRestore the deleted form or app by emailing to verify and request restoration.
How to undo deleted fieldRetrieve the deleted field by emailing us to verify your account. We will sort it.
How do I add SEO metadata to the form with a custom domain?Add SEO metadata: Generated from the form's title, logo, and description on a custom domain.
How to hide the title of fromHide form title: disable the "Show form title" button in the "Design" tab.
How to add a title, logo, and description to your formCustomize your form with a title, logo and description. Learn how to center them and even hide the default title.
How to add multiple file uploadsEnable multiple file uploads in forms. Add "Upload" field and allow multiple files in settings.
How to use URL parameters to pre-fill form fieldsAutomatically fill form fields, use alias IDs and URL parameters to set specific field values for discounts, UTM tracking, and more!
How to apply OTP verification in the formOTP (One-Time Password) verification is an effective way to protect your forms from unauthorized submissions.
How to change time zone of a formTime zone change: Currently UTC, local time zones coming soon. Follow progress on the product roadmap and community reports.
How to add a Recaptcha to your formCaptcha is added automatically to forms for bot or spam prevention. No need for manual setup.
How to add Calendly to forms?Add Calendly to your forms to allow your users to book a meeting with you.
How can I make the collapsible content box closed by default?The toggle boxes contain extra information that users can click to show if they want to.