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Connect Formaloo with other tools using Make
Connect Formaloo with other tools using Make

Connect Formaloo with your favorite apps via Make. Follow these steps to integrate seamlessly and automate workflows.

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With Formaloo’s app on, you can Integrate Formaloo into your favorite apps and services! In this article, you can see how you can connect Formaloo to other apps with Make.

You can use Formaloo-Make integration by using the following link:

To start, you need an account on, so create one here.

Next, when you sign in to Make, you should create a scenario that resonates with the workflow you want for your business. There you can search for Formaloo and select it.

make your account

Select one of the actions there. Let’s select the watch response of form for now.

select the action

Connect Formaloo

We should add a new webhook, first, we should create a connection and then select one of our forms.

After creating a connection we can select a form. or add a slug of form manually by clicking on the map button. and then save the webhook. now your form has a connection with this webhook and when your form submits, Formaloo sends data to this webhook.

connect Formaloo

Connect the second tool

Now we should add the Google Sheet module, so click on the button on the right of the Formaloo module and search for Google Sheets.

connect the second tool

Select Add Row and connect to your Google account, then you should select a sheet (don’t select data for values for now). finally, click on the OK button.

connect Formaloo to Google Sheets using

connect Formaloo to other apps easily

Now, click on the Save button at the bottom of the page and click on the Run one button to test and add sample data. now you should submit your Formaloo form.


After submitting the form, sample data is added to the Formaloo module and you can select values in the Google Sheet module.

connect formaloo to make

Once again, click on the Save button at the bottom of the page and make scheduling, at the bottom of the Run Once button. from now on, every time your form is submitted, data will be added to your Google Sheet.

google sheet

That’s it! This is how you can connect Formaloo to any tool in a few minutes using

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