How to use answer piping?
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With answer piping, you can pipe a previous response into a new question, section fields, and success pages.

You can use it for different variables to show the total price/score, user's names, etc.

Follow these easy steps:

1. Create your form and add any field you want.

2. Add an ID for the field that you want to pipe the answer.

3. Now you can pipe the answer into the field you want.

Click on the field where you want to pipe the answer. Edit the title of the field by adding {{ }} to it. In the braces, you are calling the ID of the question you want to display its response.

For example, you want to show the total price of your order form at the end of the form to redirect the user to your payment gateway. The default ID for the total price of the form is "price".

Add a section field before submitting the form, and pipe the total price like this:
The total price is: {{price}}

Or if you want to add the name of the user to other questions in a survey or feedback form, you can add a text field for the name of the users, and add an ID for it(e.g. "name"), then add this ID to your next question with {{ }} like this:

You can see different type of answer piping in different forms here.

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