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How to create a leaderboard app
How to create a leaderboard app

Leaderboard app with the quiz. Easy to create and share for your HR team or students.

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Once you have customized your quiz:

Right click on your quiz to create an app version of it. There, you can add new pages and menus.

Consider adding a “Block” to display your quiz and easily share it with your students.

To create the ranking table within your app, add a “New page” and select a “Block.”

In the block settings, choose the quiz that will provide the results.

Then, select “Show Data” and choose “Table” as the data view.

Customize your table by hiding columns and using filters to show only the important data.

This way, you can create a clean and focused ranking table in real time for your leaderboard.

You can then sort your data to show it based on the rankings.

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