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SAML SSO configuration
SAML SSO configuration

Enable SAML for secure team access & control. Perfect for managing large teams & revoking access easily.

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SSO is an enterprise-level database encryption & control, which means your workspace has additional control measures over the data of all of your workspace & activities of all team members.

This feature is especially necessary for organizations that need to closely monitor the access level of all their team members, revoking their access & transferring the data between systems securely.

SAML, SSO & User Provisioning enable you to limit access to your workspace in Formaloo with additional layers of security.

For example, you can manage your team in Formaloo, limiting them to use only your work email ( and revoke their access whenever you want.

This feature is great for organizations with 50+ team members who want complete control of their data and employees.

📝 Additional insights:

You need to have an SSO-enable authentication system like Microsoft ActiveDirectory or AWS to work with SSO/SAML features.

Also, SSO is for team members (employees) and editors, not end users like customers, students, etc. They need to use our membership-only portal mode instead.

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