Integrate Slack
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1. Open your formaloo

As the first step, in your Formaloo dashboard, right-click the formaloo you want to get notified on. Then click the "View responses" and go to the "Integrations & webhooks" tab. Click on the “Connect to Slack” button.

Open your formaloo and go to the integrations & webhooks tab

2. Give permission to your Slack channel

Now you should give access to FormalooBot so it can post in your Slack channel. If you haven’t logged in to your Slack, you’ll need to log in first.

Then choose the Workspace you want to connect. After that, you can select which channel FormalooBot can post in.

3. Connect your formaloo to your Slack channel

When you take the above steps and click on the "Allow" button, you’ll be redirected back to the Formaloo dashboard and to your formaloo’s integrations tab.

Then click the "Connect to Slack" button again and choose the connected channel from the dropdown list. You can also select multiple authorized channels, so FormalooBot posts to all of them as soon as a new submission comes up.

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