What is a workspace?

Formaloo workspace is where you can conduct surveys, collect data, analyze data, create custom CRM or dashboard and more.

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Everything you do in Formaloo takes place in a workspace. It's your virtual home to organize information and create exactly the way you want โ€” as just one person, together as a team, or across a whole company. Expand, edit, and mold it to fit your needs ๐Ÿ 

Workspace basics

1. Sidebar

Formaloo's sidebar is your navigation system. You can get to the dashboard home or the templates gallery and also view your workspace plan there.

You can switch your workspace or create a new one by clicking it on the bottom left side of the dashboard.

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2. Workspace switcher

You can manage your workspaces from the bottom left side of the dashboard sidebar.

Easily create a new workspace for each team in your organization from the workspaces menu.

When someone joins a workspace as a team member, their plan on that workspace will upgrade to the workspace plan automatically. But their plan for their own workspace will remain as it was before.

You can create as many workspaces as possible, but each workspace you create has its separate team members, settings, and plan. When you create a new workspace, its plan is Free, and you can always upgrade it to use more features on it.

To access the formaloos on a different workspace, you should switch your workspace.

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3. Folders and formaloos

This is where your formaloos are available. You can organize your formaloos by creating new folders.

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3. Start building

Click the big plus square to start building from scratch. Alternatively, you can use the ready-to-customize templates we've prepared.

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