How to create an app in the new dashboard

Step-by-step tutorial to create an app in the new dashboard

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Open the new dashboard, click on +Blank Formaloo, and select +Blank App

Now you can add a menu or pages to your app from the left side:

Add menu

You can easily rename the pages' name or their icons. And rename, duplicate, or delete them ;

add page

How to add a form to your app

To add a form, create a page and add your form inside the page. You can easily search and find your form from the search bar:

add form

How to add charts

You have different options to show the result page. Click on the + sign inside the page and select chart. Now you can search and find your form and select it.

add chart

Add kanban view

In the Kanban view, you can see different sort and filter options. You can filter by date, fields, tags, etc.

These filter options are also available in other views. (table, chart, and gallery)

kanban view

How to publish your app

To publish your app, click on the settings at the top of your dashboard and you can see the public URL on the opened menu on the right side.

You can enable the user portal mode in this menu.

publish app

How to add and edit users' data

When you enable portal mode, the user portal button will be added at the top of your dashboard. Click on it and select your users' table or add it manually. Here you can see filter options as well.

users data

How to manage access on menu and pages

You can easily manage access to different pages on your app.

Select the "Access" option and you can see different access levels on your page:

  • Public

  • Non Logged in users

  • Logged in users

  • Specific user access levels

  • All team members

  • Specific team access levels

manage access

When you select "Logged in users", the page is visible only when the user is logged in to your app.

access management

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