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Update/edit a Webhook

Update a webhook's details using PUT or PATCH method with desired changes.

Updated over a week ago

You can edit a webhook to change the address, add or edit the secret, change its events, or disable it.


Method: PUT and PATCH

Fields: The same fields as the webhook creation endpoint.


// Request{FORM_SLUG}/webhooks/{WEBHOOK_SLUG}/ (PATCH) { "url": "", "secret": "NEW_SECET_TEXT", "active": false } // Response { "status": 200, "errors": { "general_errors": [], "form_errors": {} }, "data": { "webhook": { "url": "", "secret": "NEW_SECET_TEXT", "form_submit_events": true, "row_update_events": true, "row_payment_events": true, "active": false, "created_at": "2021-09-04T16:37:26.920125+04:30", "updated_at": "2021-09-04T16:42:11.377163+04:30", "slug": "FW1Otww5" } } }

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