Design tab options
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Design your form and customize your form to the next level! The “Design” tab of your form’s editor page gives you lots of opportunities to customize your form’s design. You can change font and color, add a background image, add your logo, or even customize the text on the buttons and messages.

  • Multi-step/Single-step/Widget option: Choose between different form formats, depending on your needs. “Multi-step” forms allow for more complex forms to be broken down into smaller sections, making them easier to complete. “Single-step” forms are simpler and allow users to complete the entire form on one page. “Widget” forms can be embedded directly into a website or application, making them more seamless and convenient for users.

  • Modern/Classic view: By default, all the forms are in modern view. You can disable it to see the form in the classic view.

  • Show form’s title & description on first page: You can show or hide this part and start your form with other fields. You can also enable “Show Form Title” to just show or hide the form title.

  • Shuffle fields order: Enable this option to shuffle and randomize the order of the fields in your form. You can also shuffle the options of all fields at once. Learn more about how to randomize the fields.

  • Shuffle the order of choice fields: Enable this option to shuffle and randomize the other options in your choice fields.

  • Form font (Google fonts): Change the font of your form.

  • Form's color: change and customize the color of the submit button, text, etc.

  • Form Background Image: Add a background to your form and customize it.

  • Customize more content: In this part, you can customize general texts, related fields, and validation messages of your form. You can change general texts, fields related, and validation messages here.

  • Custom CSS: Using the custom CSS, you can customize the look of your form when you can’t make the style changes from the options Formaloo gives you in the “Design” tab. And here you can find the most requested CSS styles you can use.

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