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Supported currencies on Formaloo
Supported currencies on Formaloo

Learn about supported currencies on Formaloo and how to select them for payments.

Updated over a week ago

Formaloo supports a wide range of currencies to make your transactions smooth and convenient.

Here is the list of supported currencies:

  • US dollars

  • Euros

  • British pounds sterling

  • Australian dollars

  • Canadian dollars

  • Swiss francs

  • Norwegian kroner

  • Swedish kronor

  • Danish kroner

  • Mexican pesos

  • New Zealand dollars

  • Brazilian reals

  • Japanese yen

  • Indian rupees

  • UAE dirhams

  • Indonesian rupiahs

  • Singapore dollar

How to select your currency

To select your desired currency for a form, follow these steps:

Go to form settings

  • Open the form you want to configure.

  • Navigate to the Settings tab.

Enable "Form with payment"

  • In the settings menu, locate the option labeled "Form with payment".

  • Toggle this option to enable payment features for your form.

Choose your currency

  • Once the payment feature is enabled, a dropdown menu will appear.

  • From the dropdown, select your desired currency from the list provided.


By following these steps, you can easily configure your forms to handle payments in the currency that best suits your needs.

📈🌟We are always looking to improve our services and support more currencies.

If the currency you need is not listed, feel free to suggest it on our product roadmap.

Your feedback helps us to better meet your needs and enhance our platform.

🗄️ Old dashboard:

In the old dashboard, you can change the currency from the Calc tab of your editor.

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