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How to publish a form

Discover multiple ways to access and share your Formaloo form's public URL. Learn how to find & publish the public URL.

Updated over a week ago

When you save a formaloo, its form automatically updates with your changes. All forms have a public link you can share with your audience.

Form's public URL

To find the URL, open your form and click the "Share" button. You can copy the link and share it.

You can also change the ending of your form URL and it automatically saves the new URL for you.

🗄️ Old dashboard:

There are many ways to find your form's public URL in the old dashboard:

  • Right-click the formaloo on your dashboard and select View. Check the address bar of the opened page for your form's URL.

  • Right-click the formaloo on your dashboard and select View Responses. Then go to the Share tab. There you can find and customize your form's URL.

  • Edit your formaloo, and at the top of the Settings tab, you can find and change the ending of your form URL.

  • When you save your formaloo, click the View button on the opened pop-up to view your formaloo form. You can also copy the form URL from the opened pop-up.

  • On your formaloo editor, click the eye icon beside the save button to view your form and its public URL.

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