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Workspace editors & creators (team members)
Workspace editors & creators (team members)

Workspace roles and their access level.

Updated over a week ago

Each workspace can have multiple roles:

  • Owner: The workspace owner is the account that created the workspace in the first place. Only the workspace owner is responsible for and has access to integrate the data with third-party tools. The workspace owner could access all data stored in that workspace.

  • Creator: Creators are the team members who have joined the workspace team. They have the power to create new formaloos and manage them. Workspace creators can receive edit access on formaloos and folders. Creators will only see your workspace formaloos/folders if you share their access.

  • Viewer: You can share your formaloos and folders with an unlimited number of guest Formaloo users. Guest users can have view access on the shared formaloos but can't edit the formaloos or the data.

The Free plan has only one workspace member. You can always upgrade your workspace and add more team members to it.

You can see the number of available team members in your workspace on the workspace members page.

To add more team member seats to your workspace, contact our support on the website chat.

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