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Webhook Readable Data
Webhook Readable Data

Webhook readable data; Simplified submission details for easy processing, ideal for spreadsheets.

Updated over a week ago

The readable data is the simplest digested form of the submitted data. It is simply a map from each field’s title to the submitted value. You can use it to see and handle the submitted data without the need for any logic.

For example, if you simply want to put the data into a spreadsheet using your webhooks. The data inside the readable data is derived from the rendered data, only much simpler for simpler uses.

Note: Since the data is sent inside a mapping, its ordering is not guaranteed. If the ordering of the fields is important to you, you should use the rendered_data instead.

Note: If your form has payment, the payment data (e.g. Order Code) will be included in the readable data.


{ "readable_data": { "Order Code": "87346289347", "How do you rate me?": 4, "But...": "I'm bored", "Order Status": "completed", "Did you sleep well last night?": "Yes", "payment amount": 10.0 } }

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