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How to edit users' data & roles
How to edit users' data & roles
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1. Add login and signup to your no-code app

Now add login and signup to your custom app. In your app, go to the “App Settings” page and enable the portal mode. This creates a “Users” page above your menu items.

2. Create and customize the users’ table in your portal

Go to the Users page and click the New table. If you have already created User tables before, they will be visible here, and you can choose them instead of creating a new one.

How to edit the users table?

To edit the Users table, you can edit its formaloo from your Formaloo dashboard or go to the Users page of your app and click the “Edit Form” button above the table.

3. Switch the table of users on your portal

From your Formaloo dashboard, right click your app and select the “Access Management” button. Then from the list, choose a new table or create a new Users table from scratch.

Add new roles to your no-code portal’s Users table

Edit the Users table from the app’s Users page or your dashboard. Then click on the Roles field, add your custom roles, and save your changes.

4. Restrict access to your no-code app’s pages

Edit your app in your dashboard to restrict access to your app’s pages. Then from the left menu, click on the page you want to restrict access to. Select the settings icon from the top right side of the opened page. There you can change the visibility of the page.

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