You can either collect a fixed payment amount or calculate the total payable amount based on the user’s choices on your formaloo.

1. Create a payment method (if you have not yet)

First, you’ll need to create a payment method. At the moment Formaloo only supports the “Stripe” method, but you can suggest your payment method to be added in Formaloo’s roadmap. We launch the most requested features every month.

To create a new payment method, click on the profile icon at the top menu of your dashboard. Then select “Payment methods”.

select payment methods

It opens the payment methods page in which you can create your methods. Click on the “Create new payment method” link to create one.

create new payment method

Add a title for your method so you can recognize it later. Then enter your Stripe’s secret key and published key. Select Stripe as your payment method and hit save. Voilà! You’ve connected your Stripe to your Formaloo account so far!

2. Enable payment on your formaloo

Edit your formaloo and go to the settings tab. There, you can enable the “Form with payment” option.

enable form with payment

Choose the payment method you created in the previous step and enter the fixed payment amount under it. Save your changes and you’re done! You now have a form with a fixed payment amount.

choose payment method and enter the fixed amount

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