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What can you do with Formaloo?

Build beautiful forms, quizzes, and surveys

Create the most advanced forms, quizzes, and surveys, and collect unlimited responses completely free! Real-time reports and analytics with powerful access management. All with no code!

With Formaloo you can easily build your form and bring all of your customer data together.

1- For a start, you can choose from 200+ free form templates in Formaloo to create what you have in mind.

2- Design your form and customize it. The “Design” tab of your form’s editor page gives you lots of opportunities to customize your form’s design. For example, you can change font and color, add a background image, add your logo, or even customize the text on the buttons and messages.

3- Add logical-based success pages. You can use the Logic page to direct users to the right success page based on their answers. Use Advanced Logic to define what success page should be shown after submission on the logic page.Learn more about how to show multiple success pages on forms.

4- Get notified when someone responds.To receive an email every time the form gets a new response, go to the “Notifications” tab, turn on the “Send me a notification email for each response” toggle and then enter your email address.

5- Publish and share your form.When you’re ready to publish your form, you can add it to your website as an iframe, script, widget, or chatbot. Or send the form URL directly to users. Just copy the code that Formaloo gives you and paste it into your website. And it starts to work right away.

6- View reports and responses in real-time. When your audience starts answering, the data comes in in real-time. That means you can analyze responses, and plan campaigns based on that data.

7- Present your form responses in live presentations. The presentation mode of the forms gives you the power to present your form responses to the public.

8- Manage your data.You can build an app to categorize and organize your collected data.

9- You can also limit your form responses according to your desired number of participants.

10- Enable partial submissions to view the unfinished responses of people who start answering the form, answer a few of your questions, and leave. Learn more about how to save form entries partially as the user is filling out the form.

11- You also can prevent duplicate submissions on your forms.

12- Creating interactive and personalized forms with answer piping. Learn more about how you can use it: How to use the answer piping

13- Collect payments directly. Integrate your own gateway into your forms and apps without incurring any extra fees providing a secure payment processing experience for your attendees. You can create multiple payment methods in Formaloo. Right now we support Stripe, Square, RazorPay, and PayPal payment gateways. Learn more about how to connect your payment method to your formaloo.

14- Add logic to collect high-level data to boost your conversion rate. Use advanced logic to define what success page should be shown after submission on the logic page.

15- With calculation, create an estimate form. Set up a calculator to calculate the total payable amount. and use formulas and variables for different uses.

16- You can use URL parameters to pre-fill known data from your audience. Add initial value to your form’s questions with Alias ID, and by adding the hidden field to the CSAT widgets or any form, bring your data and customer analytics to a new level.

17- Create a custom domain for all your workspace. You can also activate multiple custom domains in your Formaloo account for each form.

Updated on: 05/06/2023

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