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How to send data from one form to another form

A very common and useful way to build relational forms is via sending data from one form to another and capturing and saving it in both forms. In this tutorial, you’ll see how you can do that.

Let’s say you have two forms: Form1 and Form2. And you want to send the data your user submits in Form1 to Form2 and save it in the second form as well. Let’s see how it works!

Don’t want to read the full article? The following video shows the full steps.

1. Create Hidden fields on Form2 to capture data

Edit your Form2 and create a hidden field for each data you want to capture and save from Form1 inside Form2. For example, if in Form1 the user submits their name and email, you want to send those to the second form as well. Therefore you should create hidden fields in Form2 to capture and save the name and the email.

2. Set the same ID for fields in both forms

In order to make sure you’re saving the right data, set the “ID” property of each field in both forms. For example, to save the field “Email Address” in both forms, set its ID in both Form1 and Form2 as “email”. The ID is a short identifier to recognize the fields across forms.

3. Set up sending data from one form to another

Edit Form1 and from the settings tab enable sending data to the redirect URL. Also, remember to put Form2’s URL address in the redirect URL of Form1.

Saving these steps, your Form1 will redirect to Form2 and also it will send its data to Form2. And since both of your forms have fields with the same IDs, the data that Form1 sends will be captured inside the same field IDs in Form2.

There are multiple ways to connect forms and databases. In this tutorial, you saw how you can do so by sending data while redirecting a form’s submitted data to another. You can also lookup the submitted data of another form. Also, check out this article to see different ways to pre-populate form questions with some data.

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Updated on: 22/01/2023

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