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How to sell your products online

Here are the steps:

1. Create a form

Go to Formaloo’s dashboard and click on the [+] button to create a new form from scratch. You can also see order form templates and use them. Add form title and description.

2. Add as many “Product” fields as you want

From the left menu, select the “Product” field and add it to your form. You can then set more details for your product, such as its name, price, image, etc.

3. Complete the form with more fields

You can also use other field types to complete your order form. For example, to ask for the customer’s name, you can add a short text field and change its title to “Your full name”. Or add a “Phone” field, make it “Required” so your customers are prompted to share their phone number before submitting the order.

4. Save and view the form

On the top left of your form editor, there’s a button to save the form. By clicking on it, you’ll see a dialog that gives you the link to your form. Click on “View form” to see how your form looks like. You can test it yourself to see how it works.

To customize the view of your form, get back to the form editor, click on the “Appearance” tab on the left, and change the colors or background image of your form.

5. Share your form or embed the form to your website

Now that you have created and customized your form, you can share its link with your customers. You can also embed it into your website. To do so, in Formaloo’s dashboard, click on the menu beside your form and select “View code & widgets”. There you can choose from different embedding methods, including link, script, iframe, widget. By clicking on the script embedding type, for example, you’ll receive a short piece of code you can paste into your website to embed your form. That simple!

6. What else can you do?

This was the easiest way to sell products online. But there’s more to what Formaloo can do for your business! You can analyze your customers with Formaloo! Formaloo helps you consolidate the data that you collect from your customers and build a single profile for each customer. This helps you see the traits and preferences of your customers. To learn more about Formaloo features, check our blog posts or request a demo from our team.

Updated on: 22/01/2023

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