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How to pass field value to another field using answer piping

Let’s see what answer piping is and how you can utilize this feature to create more personal and engaging forms in Formaloo.

Answer piping allows you to pipe or display an answer to a question into any other part of your online form. For example, if someone answered the question, Name: Sara, you can display “Sara” somewhere else in your form.

This creates a more personal and engaging experience for your submitter. You can use answer piping in real time just about anywhere on your form.

It’s easy to pipe answers in your form. First, add an ID for the field you want to pipe somewhere else. Note that in the ID box you can only use numbers, letters, and underscore with no space.

After that, you can pipe the value of that ID in another field’s title or description by putting the ID in double braces. For example, if the ID of your short text field is “name” and you want to pipe the answer to it in another question, you can add: Hi {{ name }}, How old are you?

Once you have completed these steps, your forms will automatically recall the answer to the piped question and show it in your other question. Give it a try and feel free to reach out if you have any questions using the chat bubble on the bottom right. Read more about what you can build with Formaloo here.

Updated on: 22/01/2023

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