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How to manage your team’s access to your folders and forms

You should have invited your team members using the “Invite” button at the top of your dashboard. Also, they should have signed up at Formaloo to be able to share access to a form/folder with them.

Manage your team’s access to a form

By right-clicking on each form, and selecting “Access Management”, you can manage the accessibility of it. Insert their email address, choose their access level, and then hit save.

Manage your team’s access to a folder

To manage your team’s access to a folder, all you have to do is right-click on it, and then select “Access Management”. After that, you can insert their email address and access level.

Different levels of access… What do they mean?

As you’ve seen, there are different levels of access you can give to each of your team members. Let’s see what they mean.

Read only: The person with this access can only view the form and the responses and charts on it. They can’t edit the responses though.

Read & Edit Responses (rows): This level goes one level further and enables the user to edit/delete the responses too.

Full access to responses + Edit apps & forms: Again, this level has one higher access level enabling the user to edit the logic and calculator of the form.

Full access to responses + Edit & delete apps & forms: People with this access not only have all the above access levels, but they also can delete forms.

Full Ownership: This access level includes full ownership accessibilities. Team members with this access can do all the above + move forms. Only owners can move and delete folders.

Remember, when you share a folder with specific people, they will have the same access level on the forms of that folder unless you change their access level on those forms. In other words, the access level of forms can override the access level of their containing folder.

Updated on: 22/01/2023

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