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How To Integrate Formaloo With KIRIM.EMAIL?

You can integrate your forms and responses with Kirim Email Marketing to automatically add them to your list there.

If you wish to integrate Formaloo with KIRIM.EMAIL, kindly follow these steps:

Log in to

Create a new workflow with the following criteria:

Select connect “Formaloo” with “KIRIM.EMAIL”

Then trigger the “New Form Entry” and “Add Subscriber” responses.

Next, click the “try it” button.

If no accounts are connected yet, then create a new one.

To fill out the form, first, log in to the Formaloo dashboard.

Next, go to CDP menu> Connection tab> Select Formaloo> copy API key and Secret Key and paste them into the form in point 4.

Select Form.

Connect your KIRIM.EMAIL account with Zapier by entering your username and API Key.

Select List.

Map the fields, then click Next. Ensure that there’s at least one response on the form in Formaloo.

Click Send Test button.


Updated on: 22/01/2023

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