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How to create an online quiz with auto-grading and answer sheets

You can create your quiz using the ready-to-customize templates or start from scratch.

1. Add your quiz questions

First things first, edit your questions in your quiz. You can use various field types including “video”, “multi-choice”, “single-choice”, “text”, “number”, “file”, “matrix”, “table”, and many more. You can also add images for each choice of the “multi-choice” and “single-choice” fields or use the “section” field to include a mixture of text, links, and images.

2. Grade the responses automatically using the calculator

In your form editor go to the “calculator” tab. It will open the calculator page in which you can customize your grading system. You can simply click on each question and set up a calculation on it.

For example, click on one of your questions, then click on the “Add a calculation” button. Select how you want your total score to be calculated.

You can use the elementary arithmetic (add / subtract / multiply / divide) to calculate your score. Also, you can add multiple calculations on one field.

3. Add answer sheet

You have two options to show the answers to your quiz: show them after submitting the quiz or show the answer to each question after responding to it.

For the first method, go to the calculator page, click on each question, go to the “Answer Sheet” tab, and insert the answer description to that question.

_Remember_ to enable the “Show answer sheet after submitting the form” option at the top left side of your calculator page!

To show the answer to each question after answering it, edit your quiz and add two “Section” fields after each question. In one section field describe why the answer is wrong, and in the other section, describe how it’s correct. Now, use logic to show the section for “Correct Answer” when the answer is correct and show the section for “Wrong Answer” when the answer is wrong.

To learn more about Formaloo logic, check out this article.

Start faster with these quiz templates!

You can use the following templates to get started even faster.

Math quiz (to show the answers right after answering each question)

Timed Trivia Quiz Template

History Quiz Template

Online Science Quiz Template

Personality Test By Colors

Correct answer logic quiz

Quiz: Discover your skincare routine based on your skin type

Updated on: 22/01/2023

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