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How to connect Formaloo with another app in Pabbly Connect

You can connect Formaloo with more than 800 apps using Pabbly Connect. Let’s go through it in the following 3 steps:

1. Create workflow

In your Pabbly Connect dashboard, click on the “Create Workflow” button to create a new workflow. Then name it and wait for it to be created.

2. Set up a trigger on Formaloo

To set up an automation trigger on Formaloo, first, choose Formaloo from the list of apps. You can choose between these two triggers: “New form entry” or “New successful payment”. Choose one to set up your workflow based on that event.

3. Set up Formaloo Webhook

Now it’s time to choose which form you want the trigger to work on. To do so, you’ll need to set a webhook on the form.

Go to your Formaloo dashboard and click on the form you want to set up automation on. Go to the “Integrations & webhooks” tab and click on the “View webhooks” button.

Now all you have to do is to copy the “Webhook URL” that Pabbly gave you and paste it into the “Endpoint” field in Formaloo. Also, enable the “Send the webhook event on form event” option. Save webhook and close the page.

Make sure when you paste the webhook URL, it replaces the whole text in it (avoid duplicate https:// s in your endpoint URL).

4. Submit the form to test the webhook

Now you can test your webhook. Submit your form and see it work in Pabbly. As you submit a test data into your form, getting back to Pabbly dashboard you’ll see the list of fields on your form.

5. Define what should happen on your form trigger

Your Formaloo trigger is set up so far. Now it’s time to define what should happen when the event on your form is triggered.

Click on the + button in your Pabbly workflow and choose the app. For example, you can choose “Klaviyo” or “Mailchimp” and add a new subscriber there. Finalizing this step and saving your workflow, it will automate your subscribers list when your form is submitted.

Updated on: 22/01/2023

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