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Getting started with Formaloo

What is Formaloo?

With Formaloo, you can create beautiful forms, access-controlled databases, and customizable business apps without any code, all in one place!
Formaloo is a powerful no-code platform for collaboration that empowers companies to create customized business applications, internal tools, and customer engagement solutions.
Formaloo provides drag-and-drop tools that enable businesses to develop software quickly without coding.
Formaloo provides you with database infrastructure and drag-and-drop components to quickly assemble and design powerful applications and internal tools.

Who is it for?

Formaloo is built for business users, not just developers or data scientists. It's super simple to use and understand, you don't have to code, and best of all, it requires no data experts to operate it.

Formaloo is built for teams who want to work and collaborate together. Specifically, Formaloo is suitable for:

Marketing agencies who are creating tools for their clients
E-commerce and online businesses
Marketers who want to create targeted and personalized campaigns
CRM professionals who need a centralized platform to manage customer data
Data analysts who want to gain insights from customer data
Non-profit organizations and educational institutions need to collect and manage their audience.
Healthcare providers to create a healthcare management system
No-code developers and freelancers

In summary, Formaloo is for anyone who wants to better understand their customers and use data to improve their business operations and customer experience.

Updated on: 28/04/2023

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