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Create business apps with no code!

Create business apps, customer portals, and internal tools in minutes, powered with your data. No coding is required!

Build your own custom CRM, create a community with membership-only portals and embed survey chatbots for better lead generation and customer satisfaction.

Mix and match forms, links, charts, tables, and many more view types. It gives you the power to connect your data tables in a single application and be creative with your data.

You can edit the app and add menus with links, groups, and data blocks. Data blocks are pages that display data in various formats such as forms, tables, charts, Kanban boards, galleries, etc.

1- Form view displays your formaloo as a form. You can share the form with your audience and gather insightful data.

2- Table view shows your data in a table. You can filter your data, search through it, and hide the columns you don’t want to be visible. You can also save the filtered data into a new table.

3- Chart view shows your data in charts. You can choose to show diagrams for specific fields of your data table. Or show charts for all fields that contain reportable data. You can also create advanced charts by comparing different sets of data together.

4- Grid view shows your data as a gallery of cards.

5- Kanban board categorizes your data into cards shown in multiple columns. The aim is to make the general workflow and the progress of individual items clear. You can edit each card by clicking on its title. Or create new rows of data right there.

Integrate your forms and apps with your favorite tools and payment gateways, and automate your marketing workflow without coding.

Start with one of our pre-built templates and customize it to make it your own.

Learn more about how to create a web application without coding.

Collaborate with your teammates and access management

You and your team can work together in your Formaloo workspace. With access management and data security, you can manage who has access to what data.

Easily add your team members to your workspace by clicking on the workspace members in the menu under your profile icon. Then, add their email addresses or share the invitation link to join your workspace.

Multi workspace: You can create multiple workspaces with different plans and access levels. Each workspace has separate team members, settings, formaloos, and access management.

Visibility options: There are different levels of access you can give to each of your team members. Choose between Read only, Read & Edit Responses (rows), Full access to responses + Edit apps & forms, Full access to responses + Edit & delete apps & forms, or Full ownership.

Access levels: Manage what data each user can access, which actions they can take, and who sees and updates your data.

Learn how to manage your team’s access to your forms and folders.

Updated on: 05/06/2023

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